Friday, 29 July 2011

Little Cupcake Party Printables

As I've mentioned I have been working on a range on print-it-yourself party products.

There will be more details to follow on prices and sizes etc. But here's a sneaky peek at the first finished design. I have several more in the pipeline and will hopefully be releasing the first few next week for sale. Watch this space!
You can choose from having just the invitation personalised just for you. I change the name, age and any other details, after confirmation I email it over and Bob's your uncle you are ready to print off as many as you need!
But why stop at just the invitation when you could pick other matching products to make the party come together and look fabulous! I do the same with these for you, personalise them, get you to check them. You could be printing off lots of bunting in no time, make it pre-party preparation fun get the children making it with you! adding little toppers to the fantastic cakes you've just made or making brought cakes a little more special.

Topped off with a thank you letter for the children to write their thank you's after the party's all finished.

Sweet Dreams Cupcakery

My little cupcake designs I created for the printable invites have gone down a treat. I have been asked to use these as someones new stationary for their business.
So I set to work turning it into their business card, letterhead and compliment slip. The colours were changed and I think it looks good in the purples.
What do you think?

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Special anniversary commission

I was asked to create something for a friends second anniversary. Being cotton Nicola thought it would be great if I made something from cotton that had a meaning behind it too.
So we decided on a message, using their first dance from their wedding in there too.

H laundry bag commission

Recent commission for a boys laundry bag. H initial wanted.

Printable Invitations

Hi everyone, sorry it's been a while since my last post. It's been a bit of a roller coaster with things the last month. Hope you are all well.
I have a new product in the pipeline. I'm finishing off designs for it at the moment. Here's a sneaky peek at one I did as a trial run.

Printable invitations with matching products. I customise the design with your name and other details on, then email them through to you then you can print off as many as you like.

They are party invitations with matching paper bunting and cake toppers. All to print out yourself and cut up to make, even get the children to help thread the bunting and make it a fun project getting them involved in the party preparations!

cake toppers

My cousins have their joint birthday party next month and I always help out, this year I thought it would be good to test these out so we could iron out any problems before I finish the range and get it up and running for the public to purchase. I will show you the finished made up
results real soon.
I have also made them a boys version of the invite as we didn't think 8 and 10 year old boys would appreciate cupcakes the way the girls do. I have also designed them special thank you letter paper to write on after their party. (see at the bottom)

boys invitation

Any feedback would be great. I will release half a dozen designs/themes to start with and see what the response is.
thank you letters