Friday, 30 April 2010

Owl wrap

Heres an all over design that could be for stationary or for textiles. I have taken the characters from the card I was designing the other day. I like they way they all sit well together and that the little stuffed owls also work well with it.

New Owls

Here are the owls that were all finished off last night 3 were commissions and 3 are for the fair next weekend. Weather permitting I'll be taking photos outside with them this weekend.

Thursday, 29 April 2010


This is the one above I'm giving back out :)

I've been incredibly lucky and been nominated for 3 different awards this week. From 3 very lovely and creative bloggers. The sunshine award which takes me to 2 from the lovely Gabs over at Moobaacluck, the kreative blogger from Jille over at Love to craft, and I love your blog from Jo over at Muddy Puddle Crafts. Please go and check out their blogs as they all paint, make and create lots of lovely things.
Now as they are all different ones I can't go ahead and nominate what would be 34 other blogs with the array of things I'm supposed to do with each one so I'm going to have to go ahead and combine them all.
So I will nominate 7 lovely inspirational blogs using the I love your blog award and I will name 7 things that you didn't know about me.

All you have to do in return of receiving one from me is to mention the rewarder and add a link to their blog.
Name 7 things we didn't know about you.
Then pass it on to 7 lovely bloggers(with their links too).

My 7 things you don't know about me: ( all pretty random may I add)

1 - I cry everytime I watch Saving Private Ryan, the beginning has me in tears even before it's really started.

2 - I've worked on a farm and as a chambermaid.

3 - After ?? years I've finally decided I needed to learn to drive....just waiting for my test now it got cancelled this week. Oh I'm so wishing I learnt when I was 17 now.

4 - I have big feet....size 9.

5 - I met my gorgeous, lovely man through a dating site over a year ago now (not sure if he's happy me telling shhh keep that one secret).

6 - I like corned beef and lemon curd dads fault he'd try anything in a sandwich. Don't knock it 'til you try it it's surprisingly good.

7 - I have one younger sister....Katie.

My 7 bloggers this time are its so hard to pick just 7 no particular order

Thank you for your gorgeous lovely blogs and making them all an inspiring read!! and the same goes for everyone's lovely blogs that i regularly read or just stumble across while blog-hopping.

Graphic flower

A snippet of something I'm working on today.

Am I way off??

I don't know if I'm being way off the mark with these or not but I really liked the photos I took at the weekend with the bunnies in the blossom trees and thought they may make some cute little cards?

What do you think. 
Then I'm thinking about maybe using some of my London photos and random other things to make a few sets of cards. Watch this space...too many ideas not enough time me thinks!

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Met the new addition-Olivia

Here's Olivia she's an Owl and a new addition to the 'stuffies' range...can't wait for the closing date to hear all the new suggestions for their new name too!!  I'll be making some more friends as Olivia's off to sunny Wales with Sarah. Go check out her blog here.
It's her last day at work today and she's off on a new adventure there. Starting her new job next Tuesday. I want to wish her good luck it's been great working with her and I know she'll do great!!

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Still a nearly a week left enter the giveaway!!

Don't for get to come and name the range of my little stuffed animals to win one.
....I've got bunnies at the moment but have other animals in progress. All I need is a new name instead of Stuffies... see previous post for details. Roll up roll up you have until the end of monday the 3rd, bank holiday monday here in the UK.

They were out exploring at the weekend....

Monday, 26 April 2010

Owls and flowers

Here's a little snippet of what I've been working on today. Sorry I can't show you all of them just yet. It's to do with Mother's Day 2011.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Competition to win a bunnie!!

A friend brought to my attention on Facebook last night that there is a nappy company called Stuffies so I will be renaming mine. 
After great feedback and selling 2 within 2 days of making my first little gaggle of them I've decided to run a little competition to win one. 
Little Lily here is making her way to a lovely new home as a birthday gift.
All you need to do is think up a unique name that I can call them. It needs to refer to them as a range and not just bunnies as I will be adding more animals. It needs to not be associated with another product if I google it. Then all you need to do is leave a comment either on here or find my page on facebook and the best name will win of the little cuties.
All entries need to be in by Bank Holiday Monday night.....the 3rd of May and then I can pick which I think suits them best.
Here's just a few more photos to help you along the way.

the boys.....
the girls.....
the whole gaggle.....
close up of their tummy hearts
each one has a birthday and a name.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010


Here is what I was up to last night. I wanted to create a cute little range of animals for the next fair and then for my shop. Here's the first batch of results. I will be thinking about some other animals but bunnies it is for now. 
This was the first one.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Pretty Blossom

The flowers are all starting to poke their heads out and looking all bright and cheerful. I love the colours and the contrasts there are. There are so many pretty trees littered with blossom at the moment too. So I've been out snapping here's a few more photos.

I know, I know more blossom but I just love how delicate it is not only in colour the pretty whites and pinks but in itself the way its falls to the round in the slightest of winds.

Love the contrasting yellow and purples. You can't beat a pretty little Pansy!!

Little Grape Hyacinths they always remind me of my grannie's garden...and forever trying to get rid of them as they just seem to multiply more and more every year. The colour is so bold and the little shapes are great.

I decided I wanted to try something a bit different using one of these photos as reference. Here's what it looks like, it's not quite finished but I wanted to show you how far I'd got with it.

Friday, 16 April 2010

Ahhh look what beautiful things I got in the post....

I received a lovely little parcel in the post yesterday from melissa over at Bee n Buzz. It was so lovely of her as I all did was do a little post on her lovely blog about her gorgeous giveaway.
Here's what I received a very pretty little card...just love the scale of the weeny heart and tag and a very pretty flower brooch that has been beautifully made.

Go check out her blog here and her shops on Etsy and Folksy.

Thank you very much Melissa. xxx

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Little array of things I made and finished off last night

I had a few little orders to finish off and make from scratch last night I was very pleased to get them all done but it did mean a rather late night to the early hours.
Here's what I managed to do.
I got Nikolas' handmade print all finished off and framed up.
Harry's name plaque for his door all finished off.
Lucy's birthday brooch for tomorrow...shhhh
and last but not least two little cat toy for Laura's lovely cat Ruby filled with catnip which will send her loopy for a while and the other if filled with lavender for an order.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Wedding stationary

Here's some wedding stationary along with the seating plan etc I created a couple of years ago now...but I still like it. I like the fact that it was abit more funky and bright.

Star Chamber

As I'm sifting through sorting out new pages for my portfolio I thought I'd share these with you. I worked with this band (Star Chamber) back in 2007. I met them at the Nice music festival in the south of France that summer where they were playing. I worked on their new logo, their cd single artwork and their promotional material. They have since gone their separate ways with only 2 remaining members who are working on new material and writing for others. I'm sure they will at some point be back playing and gigging again. Hope so, they were always great live and also great guys to work with.

Fancy Toys and Ragga Grondal- a night out in Soho

Clare from Inspire and I went and saw one of our favourite bands at the Freedom bar in Soho last night The Fancy Toys. We've seen them rather a few times now over the last 18months I think it is and It's always a great night. I can't put my finger on what genre you would class them as being but they are a little quirky, great musicians it still amazes me how many
 instruments they play and how original they are. They are great performers and make the most of the stage. Take a look at their website...again the presentation with the animation on it is great!! They are in the process of working with Doritos to make an advert for the tv so watch this space think it will be out soon. 

They also had a great guest last night Ragga Grondal. She's one of Iceland's biggest selling artists. They are in collaboration at the moment with a series of gigs in the UK and then in Iceland and will be writing and recording some songs together, one of which we heard last night. We thought she had an amazing voice and I brought her cd...Here's a couple of snaps of the fabulous artwork used on it. I love it!! 
Go check them both out I know you'll love them!!