Monday, 31 August 2009

Is the long weekend really over?

I can't believe the 3 day weekend is over and its back to the grindstone again tomorrow.No more extra holiday time now til christemas then.
I've got lots of lovely photos to download tomorrow and put up on here, some fab ones of the drying cowslip against beautiful blue skies. They make a striking silhouette, just love the structures of them and could take way too many photos.
Hope you all had a lovely weekend.

Friday, 28 August 2009


I went to a meeting on Wednesday night at Movida in Soho for the forcoming Mo'Tash Charity event in November. Its a creative based organisation for raising awareness and money specifically for testicular and ovarian cancer. find out more here
While I was there I met alot of like-minded creative people which was great and to be able to help even in a small way for a charity like this is a worth while thing. 
We all know seem to know someone these days who has been touched by cancer in some shape or form. The awareness is so much greater and the need for research and care is always in need.

I met this lovely fashion designer Camilla see some of her work below find her at 
Her work is just fab.She is showing at this years London Fashion week in September. I will post more details when I have them. everyone should pop along. 

Cupcake pin cushion

Here's my first attempt at a little cupcake pin cushion. 
I'd seen the beauties below in a cake shop in St Pancras International...can't remember the name of the shop now but they had some amazing looking cakes. It made me want to do something from it.
I had a friends birthday coming up and heres the sketch for her card too.

Thursday, 27 August 2009

A few pieces from Bunting and Bows more to come soon

Here's my god daughter's room with her 'Amelia' bunting in situe.
Close up of 'Amelia'
Here's our first website commission 'Syke'
'Dreams' : Here's a present I did for my friend Claire, she wanted one for her spare room.
More to follow, I am in the process of thinking up and making prototypes for new products, watch this space.

Lavender scented heart

Just a couple of snap shots of this present I made for Giles' mum's birthday the week before last. Using a mix of new and old materials....its good to recycle.I turned bit and pieces into a heart that she can hang up in the wardrobe or put in a draw. In the stuffing I mixed in lots of dried lavender.

mmm been along time

Its been a long time since i was on here, its been a busy year.
I thought it was about time i found reset my was well and truly forgotten, look into having a revamp and start again!!

My friend Beth and I have just started up a website and are seeing how things go with it.It's been taking up alot of time.One step at a time though, fingers crossed they get bigger. We are both new to business but not being creative. It's mainly for children at the moment but I will do some off-shoots on here.I've got some other ideas and products that aren't appropriate for there and may take off else where.So I will posting to see what everyone thinks.
It would be good to get some feedback,go take a look. Thanks.

bye for now.