Thursday, 27 May 2010

Finished notelets set 1

I finally got all these designs finished and made up for a customer. I rather like them all, hope you do too. It's all quite aqua and pink and a bit spotty :)
I will be selling these at £7.99 for 6. If anyone is interested then please email me. 
I am constantly working on new designs and will be able to tailor your pack if necessary or I can randomly pick designs and surprise you.

Camper vans and wash bags

How is everyone...I've been a bit manic this is crazy we're packing up and dismantling the studio mover desks and everything you can imagine is all a bit unsettling. I feel like at times that my life there has just been skipped and thrown away. sooo much rubbish but anyway. I have also been getting on with a few nice projects this week I have a couple of camper van cushions to make one to match in with the customers room which is cool...all funky bright colours and another one to match the original laundry bag I made. I have a camper van purse to make too which I will also post up when its done. I got the Charlie washbag finished and in the post yesterday and had a happy customer contact me this morning :) It's always lovely to get good feedback and lovely customers. so here's the washbag and also a sneaky peek at the first camper van'll be finished tonight.

Monday, 24 May 2010


Hope you all had a lovely weekend...wasn't the weather just glorious!!!
I had a few firsts of the year, first barbie, first wedding, first and hopefully the last sunburn! (I missed a bit on my back when lathering on the was early Saturday too when we were gardening to try and miss the worst of the heat). Consequently meant I had to have a change of outfit for yesterdays wedding.
Here are some photos of the lovely day I had at Lucy and Mark's wedding. It was at a lovely place in Surrey called Nonsuch Mansion. They couldn't have asked for more perfect weather, we played croquet on the lawn while smoozing with champagne before the gorgeous food. Oh and there's some crazy wallpaper on the walls too, loved it... such a lovely place. Thank you guys for letting me share such a special day with you.
Funky wallpaper in the ladies toilets and the monkey paper from another grand room.

The pretty table plan.
small details on the tables even our favours.....yummy toblerone if you're wondering.
Gorgeous table flower arrangements.
lovely simple, classic, beautiful cake.

Friday, 21 May 2010

Here's what I finished last night

Pretty little purse a commission from my facebook page and I'm off to a wedding on sunday...hopefully she won't check here. this is the present I was working on. I'll put up some photos next week. fingers crossed the weather stay glorious like it has today.

Thursday, 20 May 2010

New notelet designs

Here's a few more designs to make up the notelet set. the others are the owl and the floral below a few posts then I have some more to play with. What do you think?? 

Harry's Laundry bag

Here's Harry's laundry bag. He loves it and he even asked his mummy if he could wear it??!!.... How cute :)  I have a matching cushion to make for him too and a nice more girly one for his mummy. I really enjoyed making the camper van and was rather pleased with my results.

Monday, 17 May 2010

Weekend colours

Here are some of snippets from my weekend. G and I did quite a bit of shifting wood some walking about oh and I spotted these radishes that just looked fab with the red bucket and washed out table. The lilac trees are all blooming nicely now and smell just lovely when you walk past.

I love the patterns created on these old logs, the woodworm has had a field day.
(I think G think I'm a bit weird really, taking photos of worm eaten wood.he he)

Friday, 14 May 2010


Seen as my owl cards have gone down a treat and I had a great suggestion/request from a fan on my facebook page. I have worked up an owl notelet design and I'm now in the process of a floral one too.... here they are. 
I think I'll sell them in packs of 8, one design in for £7.99. I can make into a custom order so please don't hesitate to ask. any comments on the pricing would be appreciated too..... Thanks.
The floral ones haven't been printed up yet though its just screen grabs.

Yasmine's door plaque

I got this all cut out and made last night and it's off in the post today to a lovely customer. I do enjoy making these, think they are an effective product.

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Summery photos of the week

Well the sun is shining again today...though the wind is still on the cold side. I have a couple of spring/summery photos.
The first is a field near to where I work. I love to see the rape fields all come out into bloom,they don't do me any favours when it comes to hayfever and I can't sat I particularly like the smell either but the striking yellow across the countryside all makes up for it.

The other is a lovely little elephant at Kings Cross St pancras I saw Tuesday when I went into town for a friends gig. They are part of the Elephant parade exhibition. It's on in London from May til July. Find out more and where to spot them here.
It's for the elephant Family charity organisation which is to help save the endangered Asian elephants.

This lovely one is called's not the best photo but it was rather late so the light was pretty bad. He or she I'm not sure is by the artist Ellen Anderson.
Check out her blog here.
It definately brightened up my late night train journey.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Owls and bunnies flying and hopping the nest

This was the winning bunnie from the competition for my 'Lil Lovelys so she hopped on down to Kent today.
Then these two owls and a bunnie are on their way to a happy little customer. She wanted a matching personalised wash bag so the owl can have somewhere to sleep...ok so I maybe getting a little carried away now :)
I'm sad to see Oswald go he is one of my favourites...but He's going to a good home!
Meet little Erin and Beth
Then this lovely owl went off up to Scotland last week, a commission from Facebook from the lovely Emma at Wee Tooties I really liked the combination of the gingham and the heavy floral pattern she requested. Good choice!!

The Owl range of cards

Here's my new range of cards. I'm really pleased, the first 3 went down well at the fair so I've worked hard to get the others done this week. There may well be some more editions to add  and make it bigger still. There's one I don't like as much as the others but it's a start.Also my new stockist is happy to sell them all :) fab news so thats really exciting!!!