Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Louise's new running t-shirt

My friend Louise does a lot of running for charity and wanted a new t-shirt for her next big run, the Royal Parks Half Marathon in October. She runs for Theatre Mad see the link if you want to have a peek and see what a good charity this is.
Which relates to what her two favourite theatre productions are at the moment. She wanted me to combine Priscilla, Queen of the desert with The Lion King. Wasn't really sure where to start but here's the result. What do you think?

Friday, 24 September 2010

Lavender mice

I made up these little cuties last night. I want to make more (I like them coming to life from bits and pieces of scrap fabrics)......but better see if they sell or not first.
Thought they'd be great to put in your drawers smelling all nice and lavendery, don't you think??
I shall try them at the fair tomorrow and see how they go down. Any opinions appreciated. Thanks :)

More plain bunting for tomorrows craft fair

Claire and I are doing another craft fair this weekend, tomorrow Saturday 25th September. It's at St Nicholas's Church Hall 10-4 in Harpenden, Hertfordshire. So if anyone would like to pop along and see us aswell as all the other lovely people and their beautiful goods please feel free. I'm sure you'll be able to get a cuppa and a cake too. It's the first one we've done there and just hoping that the weather is going to be better than today, think the rain puts people off coming out.
Anyway, I've tried to get some plain bunting made up a simplier version to my luxury personalised ones I normally do, suppose amore budget version really. I've got 4 made and might try and run some more out tonight.

They're 2 metres in length, 2 flags of each fabric print oh and I'll be selling them at £9.99.

What do you think??

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Plain pretty pink bunting

I wanted to get some plain bunting made. I wanted to tweak the shape so its different to what I normally do and what everyone else does too.
Something that was more of a budget product than my luxury personalised bunting. So it has no extras on it and has raw unfinished edges, more shabby-chic.
I've got several colourways to do. I wanted to see what the reactions were on it at the fair this weekend.

What do you think??

Wedding Love Birds

I had this commission for a pair of pretty ivory and gold love birds for a bridesmaid to give to the bride. Something a little different to a horseshoe or a wooden spoon. Do they still do that these days??
Once the wedding has taken place I'm hoping to have some photos to put up for you.

Friday, 17 September 2010

Red Tractor

Here's the red tractor all finished now. Think they make a nice little pair. Pleased with the way they have turned out.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

New Birds

I was asked to make some of my pretty birds as part as a shop window display which is always exciting!! here they are they will be in the post in the next day. If I manage to get any snaps of them in situe I will post them too. Or if anyone spots them please feel free to snap them and send them over. Thanks :)
The shop is a cute little store called Mode Boutique in Sheffield. Her website is under construction at the moment and I will let you know as soon as its up and running.

hanging ribbons all wrapped up ready to go


Here's the first of the tractors I've made. I've a commission as gifts for a pair of little twins, Thomas and Joseph.
Watch this space for the red one.

decorative bird cages and birds

I had an artwork to do recently and although I can't show you it I wanted to share a couple of snippets as I liked the end result. I have a thing about drawing birds as you might have noticed :)

Friday, 10 September 2010

Pretty pink flowers

Well I'm thinking Friday is a nice day to post these pretty pink flower photos I have. I wanted to share a bit of summer before it really is all gone and we have grey wet days every day.

They were taken in either my grans garden or G's.

Crocheted hairclips and hairbands

A friend asked me to crochet some pretty flower hair clips and hairbands for her daughter and her niece. Here's one finished set. They are a nice dusky pink colour which you might not be able to tell from the dodgy lighting on the photos. I stitched on some little pretty pink buttons in the middles. Hopefully they will get them in the post today.


I had a lovely customer see my cupcake picture I made a few weeks ago for a christening present and wanted a notebook like here it is. Alix then asked for another one for her mother-in-law who always likes to take her paints with her for ideas and sketches. She thought it would be a fab idea to somehow include a small palette for her. I decided the best way was to attach it on a pretty green ribbon to match the book rather than stick it to the book anywhere which means she can use it on any page in the notebook.

Wednesday, 8 September 2010


Here's a little snippet of a design I was working on the other week. I couldn't wait to show you but sadly I can't show you the whole thing. I'm looking forward to see what happens with it.

Friday, 3 September 2010

hello peeps

Hey everyone sorry I've not been around much, works very busy this end lots of orders and working at several different places freelancing. It's been great to work on some different products and not just christmas!!! Sadly I can't really show you any of it at the moment which is a shame as I'm really pleased with it.
Apart from work at the weekend I've been really busy with G helping him out with some jobs. Last weekend we got one project finished that we'd but mainly he had been working on so we were working outside all weekend. Come rain or shine which it seemed to do alot of both. Which brings me to these few snaps I took them on my phone so the quality isn't the best but the skies between the rain and the sunsets were lovely. So I just thought I'd share them with you. I quite liked the way the skies and clouds reflected well in the digger mirror with the grey rainy skies and the blue one mixing.