Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Thomas Nautical bunting

This is the second nautical come pirate bunting I have made recently. Due to the wonderful comments on facebook and on here I have had a big flurry of bunting orders especially in this boys style, which is exciting. So this will be the first of several that I will be making the next few weeks and posting. Hope you like them too. They are great fun to make.

Thursday, 22 July 2010

funky fabric

I wanted to share these two fab shirts I picked up in a charity shop yesterday, can't wait to cut them up and use them. Loving the funky 'holiday' shirt as the lady in the shop called it. It's always good to find a good check too. Just got to decide what to do with them now.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Nautical/Pirate themed Sammy bunting

Hi everyone, sorry I've been a bit slack lately with posting what with the new freelancing started and finding my feet and with the orders coming in I've not quite had time to get on here.
I finished off this bunting last night that I've really enjoyed making. It was a nautical-come-pirate theme so I ordered in some fab skull and cross bone fabric, that will definately be used for a future project too.
I loved the reds, blues, white and black. Using lots of different buttons too. What do you think??

Monday, 12 July 2010

Beautiful Cupcakes at the craft fair

As most of you know I had a craft fair yesterday, it went well despite the rather hot weather and I managed to pick up another commission or two aswell.
I wanted to share these beautiful cupcakes that were there too. My old friend Paula has done a couple of fairs now and they are so lovely, individual pieces of art really....here they are. If you would like to contact Paula at all about them drop her aline at
can you let her know where you heard about her too please, Thanks :)

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Doorstops...work in progress

I've been working on a few doorstops today for extras for the fair this weekend. I've been asked a few times about doorstops and this was the first opportunity to actually get to try some. think they are still work in progress but I do like them. Don't think I've seen anything quite the same out there....but maybe I'm wrong?
I've had lots of great feedback today on these and have had a few helpful comments which I will be working on. Let me know what you think.
Thanks x

oh sorry the photos aren't great they were taken late tonight.

Bunting for Ryley

Here's my latest order for bunting. I do like doing the boys ones....I can do cars n things :)

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Finished Union Jack cushion for Jules

Just wanted to show you the finished article of the Union Jack cushion you had a peek at earlier in the week. It's all finished now but has go to be put in the post to go to a lovely home up north :)

Thursday, 1 July 2010

From the Wilde

I can now announce that I am selling with Ellie in her fabulous online shop From the Wilde The
new look shop launched today. It looks amazing and is all rather exciting!!

Ellie is based up in Derbyshire and has worked very hard to get this all up and running and looking like it does. She has a great background in art publishing and selling and has a wealth of knowledge that I am now proud of being involved with.

She has found and is now showcasing some very talented and exciting artists, designers makers and illustrators from Britain (as well as herself!). From the Wilde is a great source of wonderful products ranging from Textiles, ceramics, paintings, homewares, jewellery, prints, stationary and greetings.

Go have a look and you'll find something wonderful to give or to spoil yourself with.

At the moment I have several products for sale with Ellie including my 'Lil Lovelies the owls and bunnies, the camper cushions and my owl cards. There are still more products to come so watch this space.

Please take some time to go and explore this lovely gallery and shop.