Tuesday, 15 November 2011

More letter bunting commissions

I have just finished some more letter bunting, some christmassy and some personalised boy and girls to match themes.

Something old something new....

Here's a commission I have recently made for a bride to be from her hen girls.
They wanted a little note included on the reverse. I do love this little saying.
I like the simplicity and cleaness of how it looks and just the simple good luck and love it sends.

Good luck Mr and Mrs Martin on the 3rd December. I wish you a fantastic day and many years of love and happiness!

Letter to Santa

Here's my printable Letter to Santa/Father Christmas.
what do you think? I will personalise it with you child's name, age and address. All you need to do is print it out, get your child to write their letter, pop it in an envelope add a stamp and send it to the address attached before the 14th December and tah dah your child will receive a reply before christmas.

christmas stockings 2011 part 1

Christmas is coming! too quickly for my liking though. I'm making my way through rather a lovely long list of goodies for lots of customers.
I will try and post as much as I can but time is precious at the moment.
Anyway here's a couple of the stockings I have just finished and will keep posting as and when I get the chance with the rest of the stockings and other goodies I'm making.