Thursday, 27 October 2011

Amelia ballet bag

Here's Amelia's ballet bag I made, turns out I made it a wee bit too big for her so it's going to be her laundry bag for her room and I have another slightly smaller one to make. you sort of forget how small little ones are :)

Oscar padded letters

I've been very behind on posting on here lately, sorry. Hence the bulk posting this morning.

Here's a special gift I made a while ago using Oscar's own baby grows. His mummy wanted some padded letters that she can hang in his room and a special keepsake, so picked some of his favourite babygrows for me to up-cycle and use.

Wedding order

I had a pretty but plain wedding album to decorate and personalise for a friend and a pair of wedding birds for her daughter who was bridesmaid to give to the bride.

Butterfly cushion for Verity

Part of Verity's christmas order was a butterfly cushion for her daughter. I have already posted the door plaques and cherry bag covers.

Letter bunting

I've had several cut out letter buntings to do lately here's a couple of them.
One was for little Freya, it needed to fit in with the tatty teddy theme in her room. hence the soft grey.
The other was a birthday banner for Alice.