Wednesday, 23 September 2009


Snowflakes today....also can anyone tell me when I save my pdfs to a jpeg so I can post them why they aren't so crisp??


Amy C said...

this is so pretty and frosty and crisp.
I don't know about the pdf jpg thiggy, maybe its because a pdf is generally a smaller/lower generation than a jpg!?!?!

Anna said...

ok thanks...i've got to look into its a bit
just you cant save a jpeg straight from illustrator can you? been making pdfs then jpegs from that.

Little Brown Rabbit said...

It's because JPEGS are lower res. than PDFs and therefore smaller in file size- which you need for the web. In photoshop go to file and "save for web" then see whether high res jpegs or PNGs look better- sometimes jpegs work better, sometimes PNGs. Give me a call if this doesn't make sense!
x Em

Anna said...

thanks em, ill try tomorrow.