Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Christmas Birds

ooo getting a few orders in for my little christmas birds folks. How exciting. If anyone wants to order any feel free to email me with colour requirements etc. must say my favourite so far are these little beauties the fabric is great but I only have a small amount of it. I'll be posting some photos of the next batch soon.


Carmen said...

Just seen you on Facebook ;) Voted - you have a lovely site here. Love those birds below. I've never seen that Kent Mama magazine before and I'm in Kent quite near Medway too. I'll have to look out for it :)

Good Luck with the Dorset Cereals awards ;)

Anna said...

Thanks Carmen!! very much appreciated. ive been sitting making birds all evening ha ha.
oh really hopefully you'll come across it some more. id never heard of it before either. its only a small a5 one.

Thanks again