Wednesday, 28 October 2009

the crafters companion

Yay!! my other book has arrived and now I'm all inspired!! The crafter's companion landed on my desk at work today from those nice little Amazon people. ooo it's got me wanting to do lots of nice new little time and so many things to do. Here's a few little snaps to give you the idea. I'm rather jealous of some of their workspaces....I will get mine....eventually. For now my lounge will have to do.


jacqueline said...

This looks like a really interesting book! I bet your getting alot of inspiration ideas from it. :) I totally know what you mean about being jealous of some of others workspace...i am also working on getting a cozy sweet workspace! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

Little Brown Rabbit said...

look at those bunnies!!!!

Anna said...

I know Em and I thought of you when i posted it, they remind me of the ones i made a few years ago for jessica and abigail for christmas. made them little outfits too. :)

Jacqueline...its a fab book and I dshall keep you updated with anything i make from it etc. oh and we will get teh workspaces we want....eventually!