Friday, 16 October 2009


Bunting and bows new flyer I worked on last night.


jacqueline said...

Oh Anna this flyer looks great!! Love it! Have a lovely merry happpy day and a great weekend! Love to you!

Sam said...

That's gorgeous Anna, a fab advert for all your beautiful work.

Anna said...

Thanks ladies. hope you are both having a lovely weekend!!
I'm off for a walk in the countryside then on to deliver some of the said flyers.

Little Brown Rabbit said...

Great flyer Anna and I love the jam labels- they look fab! What did Giles think?

Anna said...

Hi Em
Thanks, well hopefully the flyer will bring in a bit of extra business got one order over the weekend from it.
Ah ha well we didn't actually get chance to taste it in the end, least it looks good :)
I shall let you know and if all is good, would you like a jar next year?