Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Cat toys

Well I think I posted before about trying out my birds a a cat toy. Laura took one home last night and tested it on her 3 lovely cats, Emerson, Tabitha and Lily. They loved it so another 2 to do.... with a couple of tiny modifications. Here a few snaps from her phone.


Little Brown Rabbit said...

Aww! Am I a "Marisa"? That's so cool!

It's great to here that I'm inspiring you- little steps are the best way to go- I did it myself and it's much, much less stressful than throwing yourself into the deep end. Plus you're earning money to fund it ;)

I too dream of the gallery/workshop! We'll get there!

Liking the cat toys- very clever idea!

Anna said...

ofcourse you are!! youre there doing what I want to be at the moment.

thats the only way i can go at the moment, you know how it is too many bills and not enough outside work at the moment.

we will get get our little galleries im sure of it!!

It was Laura's idea and they love it.


jacqueline said...

That cat toy looks soo fun! Laura's kitty is so cute. :) I am so happy with the success on your cat toys! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to yoU!