Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Two stockings down one to go

Here are the two stockings I've managed to finally get finished today after having them sat cut out for a wee while.


Little Brown Rabbit said...

WOW! A lot of work's gone into these! Well done you they look fab! Sorry Im not in work today for lunch-
Got a poorly bunny to look after :(

Michelle said...

Hi Ann - love your stockings. They are super cute. Thanks for popping by and following my blog (that's how I found you) :o) I love your 'about me' as it sounds just like what I say when people ask what I do - it's so hard to summarise as I do a bit of everything :o) Michelle x

Anna said...

Em,hows Millie??
thanks. nearly therewith my christmas orders now.
Thanks Michelle!
its really hard isnt when you do a bit of everything, i can't pin myself down to one thing. Thanks for poppng by and checking my blog out too, much appreciated :)
Anna xx