Thursday, 7 January 2010

Happy New Year

Happy New Year Everyone!!! How can it suddenly be the 6th January already?! I hope everyone had a fabulous New Year. We had a quiet one which suited me down to the ground, what with the dodgy weather and to be honest I'm not that fussed about big celebrations at New Year so a quiet one in with some nice food and a couple of drinks watching the fireworks on the tv was great!
It was so nice to have a decent break from work and I kept a promise to myself that I wouldn't do any sewing, knitting or crafting either... so I could actually rest for a change, like many of you others the run up to christmas was rather manic.

Any New Years Resolutions to share? I haven't seemed to have had 5 mins to think clearly about them and thought I should set some goals this year.I tend to not bother.

I don't know how the weathers affecting everyone else but I've been yo-yo-ing in and out of work this week teamed at home what with our downpour of snow. Heres a few snaps from yesterdays snow, I didn't venture far and not for long.

The road outside my house, normally a busy one.

Lovely snow covered tree branches

Even wire fences can look nice!

More is expected later I do believe so I could well be tucked in the warm again tomorrow. Hopefully if we have lots more snow I will bring you some more photos from the countryside...If I manage to get there tomorrow :)

I'm off to have a play with my pom pom makers which arrived in the post today...very exciting!!! Sad I know..he he but I can't wait. It'll speed up my little project no end. No more cutting up cereal boxes and hopefully will give my wrist a rest. I can't believe it feels like I've given myself rsi making poms poms, who would have thought!! Will post you photos when its all finished.


Little Brown Rabbit said...

Great photos! I'm just praying the snow stops next week in plenty of time for Top Drawer! :/

Shelley Rodgers said...

can't wait to see how your pom poms turn out - considering buying a maker myself.

I wholly agree about making yourself take a break from work and and crafting at Christmas - I did this too and found myself so much more invigorated in the New Year.

Loving your blog - and Happy New Year!


Anna said...

Thanks Ems, I hope so for you too. Though they've said this cold spell could last a couple more weeks. Hope we can get down to see you if they let us out the know how it is :(

Shelley...yes it definately made a difference having some proper time off. Ready for the madness to start again he he.
I'd definately recommend one had a very quick go when i got in from work, couldn't wait and I made 3 in half the time it would take me to do one!! I found my one here

Happy New Year to you too :) ill take a wander over to your blog now.

Anna x

whoatemycrayons said...

Love the shot of the wire fence. Very cool.

Anna said...

Thanks :) just like the patterns it was creating

jacqueline said...

Welcome back and Happy new year!! Look at those snow photos..they are gorgeous! Hope you had a wonderful new year celebration! Love to you!

Doda said...

It's been a crazy snowy few weeks indeed!
Happy New year to you. And sorry that I didn't get back to you to confirm that I wasn't going to take part in the swap. I guess you figured that out!! Sorry!

Anna said...

Hi Doda
No problem and happy new year to you!
hope the snow hasn't been too crazy and disruptive for you x