Thursday, 7 January 2010

Pom poms

Well I just thought I'd share the pom pom phase I've just started and and my new exciting makers that turned up today. Here's my experimental project in full swing.

Easy peasy just wind it round, no more cereal packets and threading through holes.

The different sizes of makers I've got might be in for some more now, they're fab!

Some of the finished pom poms, going for the natural colours on this one.

I got these from


ClaraBell said...

I never knew you could get pom pom makers!!!

Anna said...

well worth the money Clare. Claire T mentioned to me she had some plastic ones as a kid but don't think they were like this.So I went on the search. Tell you what its amazing how quick and easy they are to use and they were really reasonable too.x

Alexandra Mason said...

Hi, lovely blog and those pom pom makers are great...have a great weekend x

jacqueline said...

Oh my i adore your pom pom makers!! HOw easy to use and sooo cool! Thanks for sharing. :) Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!

Anna said...

Thank Alex, Thank you :) they are pretty fab think they will be over used for a while!!
Hope you've had a lovely weekend.x

Thanks Jacqueline, Can't believe I haven't found them before now!! they are pretty cool aren't they :)
Hope you had a lovely weekend too xx