Monday, 11 January 2010

The weekend

ok so I got a bit cheesy

Just a couple of piccies from the weekend, seen as I have managed to get lots done tonight, feeling rather productive bunting 90% finished and now 3 blog posts!! very pleased.
Well I had rather a relaxed weekend this weekend and I hope you all had good ones too, wasn't sure what the weather was really going to do and the snow didn't quite turn up like we originally thought it would. But there was still enough for us to go sledging Saturday afternoon and take a few walks in the snow with the dogs. Here's the aftermath of the sledging I had a ball but did get a few facefuls of snow so got pretty wet but all in good fun :) ok so I got a bit cheesy


jacqueline said...

So happy to know you had a great weekend! Congratz on a productive bunting nite! Your creations are always so gorgeous and wonderful! Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!

Anna said...

thank you Jacqueline :)
have a fabulous week too xx

Just Original said...

Hi Anna,

Just popped on over to your blog after you started following mine! I have fallen in love with the bunting it is absolutely gorgeous.It must take you hours to make.

Will pop back soon

Vanessa x

Anna said...

ahh thank you Vanessa :)
starting to get into a system but yes it isnt a quick job, a labour of love like most things we all make.but a joy to do.

I'll be popping back to yours too now I 've found it

Anna x