Monday, 22 February 2010

Beautiful birthday buttons

Look at these beautiful ceramic buttons my friend Becky got for my birthday. I shall have to ask her where she got them. Aren't they just gorgeous!!! Hand painted and enameled. Now decisions on what to do with them, what to make that deserves such loves buttons on it.
Thanks Becky


Sarah said...

Anna, they are wicked buttons! Did you put them on a dog to take the last two photos? Haha

Anna said...

They're lovely aren't they found out she got them from the V & A shop :)
ha ha yes my little fluffy brown dog that sits stuffed on my sofa with lots of friends.

Doda said...

Those are lovely! ALmost too nice to use! ALmost!

Anna said...

he he i know its going to take a while ot decide on what will make them worthy! x