Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Springs here!!

Well the snowdrops are here I expect you've all spotted some by now. Springtime....yippeee.
I noticed one lonely one poking it's head through last weekend. The weather wasn't great this weekend either to get any good shots what with the snow but here's a couple of snaps. Luckily for us....at the moment it's not settling but apparently we're in for some more.

We also popped to this fabulous shop in Walkern, Hertfordshire that I've been eyeing up for a while when we were out and about yesterday called Jolie. I could have spent hours in there exploring all the lovely wools and books oh and lots of little gifty items that would make great presents or things for your home. They were very friendly and chatty and their blog is here. They even run little workshops two mornings a week. How great is that!
I did get a lovely little notebook set for my friends birthday this week and I also treated myself to a book while I was there that I have been eyeing up on Amazon for sometime.
Now thats spring's on it's way I thought this would be great to get my hands on and experiment with lots of pretty little flowers for spring and summertime.
Find Lesley Stanfields book here on Amazon along with several other books she has written.
These just look good enough to eat, here they are brightening up a shopping bag.

Just love all these pretty little flower bunches and the lavender is divine. Hoping I can get my needles out soon enough to have a play.


haptree said...

the lavender really is good isn't it! We have beginnings of snowdrops but no actual flowers yet!

Anna said...

I know can't wait to try making it. I'm sure yours will appear soon :) x

craftyjemima said...

my mum has this book and is a bit daunted by it but I had a flick through and it looks lovely. Haven't had a chance to try any of the patterns yet though.

Anna said...

ooo don't be, once you get into them they're pretty easy.I've not picked up my needles for ages and they still look ok. I like ones that are more of a challenge too otherwise i get bored. x