Tuesday, 30 March 2010

The beauty of spring

I know I've already pictured the snowdrops but finally the daffodils are out and showing their pretty little heads so I wanted to share these with you. It'll be the bluebells soon.

Out and about we also spotted this frogspawn...mmm can't wait to go back and see lots of little baby tadpoles and frogs! It's been the season the last few weeks for our common frog to come out of hibernation and to get mating. The frog song at night in the cold and the wet has been amazing...so many little frogs out wanting to be heard by their chosen one. It's been fabulous to see them all out. I've never seen so many frogs in my life! I do like them they are all wet and slimey and horrible they're rather cute little little things.


ittybittyandpretty said...

great pictures, is this on your property? we love to watch the tadpoles at our local stream, i remember catching them when i was a child.
happy easter

Anna said...

Nope not mine sadly.
I can't wait for them to hatch not seen tadpoles for years.
Happy Easter to you too :)
Anna x