Wednesday, 10 March 2010

New announcement

I have a sad announcement to make. After an enjoyable and exciting year working with a great friend I have had to make a hard decision to leave Bunting and Bows and to let Beth go forward and continue with that exciting venture on her own. I know she will continue to make fantastic products and push the range and make it her own. I wish her well and I hope the business continues to grow into bigger and better things.

With my up and coming redundancy which is leading to my new exciting and scary venture into the freelance world I feel that I can't devote enough time and energy to Bunting and bows as I want and need to. I have to put all my resources into my future. I still have so much to organise before I leave my job and it is going to mean alot of extra hours to get started and to get it off the ground, it just wouldn't be fair.

There will be a cross-over period where my products will still feature on the website and facebook page until they are replaced with her range but it will be Beth who is following up any orders made through there.

I would like to thank each and every person who has supported my involvement with Bunting and Bows over the last year and all the wonderful words of encouragement both Beth and I have received.

I will be continuing to make my products. You can find them through my blog and through my personal facebook page (I will be making a facebook page devoted to my design work and my gorgeous gifts very soon) and I will be opening a online shop, hopefully sooner rather than later.

If anyone is interested in any gorgeous gifts that I make or if there is something special you would like to commission me to create for you please feel free to contact me at anytime.

Watch this space for more details


I've been making some changes on my blog tonight. I wanted to change my header and also I've added a few new pages. Trying to make it look a bit more like a website layout to give me more time to get to that part of my to-do list. It seems to be growing by the day and June is getting closer and closer. Still lots to sort out and organise but I'm telling myself I still have 3 1/2 months yet.


jacqueline said...

I am loving your new banner and the changed on your blog! So sorry to hear about Bunting and Bows but i am really excited about your new adventures and your products! Have a lovely merry happy week and love to yoU!

p/s: Thank you sweet friend for your congratulations on our (kim and i) re-engagement. *hugz*

Anna said...

Thanks Jacqueline.
Yes the time is to move on and let Beth prosper with that and for me to take a new journey :)
Thank you for your cheery words as usual.

hope you have a lovely week too!
hugs xx