Tuesday, 9 March 2010


Here are a few photos from a flying visit to my dad's. Pegwell bay is really close to him now. We didn't have time to get down to the seashore but the lovely viking ship The Hugin is there. It's a 1949 reconstruction of one that invaded the coast over 1500 years ago.

We also saw this cute little car going through the village of Wingham. wish I could have got a side or front shot....but not to be.


GiddyStuff said...

I've not really been to that part of the country, somewhere that is obviously worth visiting.
The Viking boat is amazing!

Anna said...

It's cool isnt it. better in the summer as the tarp isnt on it and you cab see all the shields. Im biased but I think Kent is a fab place.so many different things to see and do.Lots of stunning countryside and we have lots of sea too :) Pegwell isnt top of that list but I love the ship x