Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Fancy Toys and Ragga Grondal- a night out in Soho

Clare from Inspire and I went and saw one of our favourite bands at the Freedom bar in Soho last night The Fancy Toys. We've seen them rather a few times now over the last 18months I think it is and It's always a great night. I can't put my finger on what genre you would class them as being but they are a little quirky, great musicians it still amazes me how many
 instruments they play and how original they are. They are great performers and make the most of the stage. Take a look at their website...again the presentation with the animation on it is great!! They are in the process of working with Doritos to make an advert for the tv so watch this space think it will be out soon. 

They also had a great guest last night Ragga Grondal. She's one of Iceland's biggest selling artists. They are in collaboration at the moment with a series of gigs in the UK and then in Iceland and will be writing and recording some songs together, one of which we heard last night. We thought she had an amazing voice and I brought her cd...Here's a couple of snaps of the fabulous artwork used on it. I love it!! 
Go check them both out I know you'll love them!!

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