Thursday, 15 April 2010

Little array of things I made and finished off last night

I had a few little orders to finish off and make from scratch last night I was very pleased to get them all done but it did mean a rather late night to the early hours.
Here's what I managed to do.
I got Nikolas' handmade print all finished off and framed up.
Harry's name plaque for his door all finished off.
Lucy's birthday brooch for tomorrow...shhhh
and last but not least two little cat toy for Laura's lovely cat Ruby filled with catnip which will send her loopy for a while and the other if filled with lavender for an order.


Miss G and Mrs B said...

Now I'm inspired! You are so busy and it all looks lovely!
Grace(once upon a time in the north)

Anna said...

Thank you Grace :)

Better to busy than bored though x