Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Wedding birds

These little birds finally flew the nest today. They have been sitting waiting for the perfect customer to buy them. I embroidered the lovely couples names on them last night....Valerie and Dean. Here they are before and after the front is all whites and the reverse has a hint of gold too.


ittybittyandpretty said...

these look lovely. i could never have done the embroidery after they were all sewn up, you are one clever cat!
love the pictures of the 'zoo' visit, we have paid for our eldest girl (8) to be a zoo keeper for a day at the famous 'australia zoo'. she gets to help clean and feed the animals and watch the shows. it is on the 4th of july so we are counting down the sleeps.


Anna said...

Hi Rosey
Thank you, ahh I bet you could :)
Ooo how exciting for her, sounds like loads of fun, look forward to hearing about it and seeing pictures? :)
not many sleeps left foe her now then.