Wednesday, 7 July 2010 in progress

I've been working on a few doorstops today for extras for the fair this weekend. I've been asked a few times about doorstops and this was the first opportunity to actually get to try some. think they are still work in progress but I do like them. Don't think I've seen anything quite the same out there....but maybe I'm wrong?
I've had lots of great feedback today on these and have had a few helpful comments which I will be working on. Let me know what you think.
Thanks x

oh sorry the photos aren't great they were taken late tonight.


Mermaid said...

Gorgeous doorstops!

Thank you for following my blog, glad I have found yours as I am a huge button fan, so jsut from your header I can tell I will be back reguarly!

Have a great weekend!

Anna said...

Thank you Zoe :)
ahh yes buttons..what would we o without them.

Lucy Loves Fabric said...

They are lovely, and wonderful in the flesh too! Your stall looked great yesterday.

It was lovely to meet you both.

Lucy x

ShoppeGirls said...

Just divine!!

ShoppeGirls said...

Just divine!!