Thursday, 1 July 2010

From the Wilde

I can now announce that I am selling with Ellie in her fabulous online shop From the Wilde The
new look shop launched today. It looks amazing and is all rather exciting!!

Ellie is based up in Derbyshire and has worked very hard to get this all up and running and looking like it does. She has a great background in art publishing and selling and has a wealth of knowledge that I am now proud of being involved with.

She has found and is now showcasing some very talented and exciting artists, designers makers and illustrators from Britain (as well as herself!). From the Wilde is a great source of wonderful products ranging from Textiles, ceramics, paintings, homewares, jewellery, prints, stationary and greetings.

Go have a look and you'll find something wonderful to give or to spoil yourself with.

At the moment I have several products for sale with Ellie including my 'Lil Lovelies the owls and bunnies, the camper cushions and my owl cards. There are still more products to come so watch this space.

Please take some time to go and explore this lovely gallery and shop.



Fay said...

Hi Anna

A lovely blog post about the new venture. Thank you for commenting on my blog. I hope we all do well with 'From The Wilde' it is something totally different to my usual shops. I love your owls btw.
x Fay

ittybittyandpretty said...

good luck

Anna said...

Thank you ladies.
I'm sure we will Fay :) there's some amazing products on there. Lots of very talented people.

Thanks Rosey :) xxx