Friday, 3 September 2010

hello peeps

Hey everyone sorry I've not been around much, works very busy this end lots of orders and working at several different places freelancing. It's been great to work on some different products and not just christmas!!! Sadly I can't really show you any of it at the moment which is a shame as I'm really pleased with it.
Apart from work at the weekend I've been really busy with G helping him out with some jobs. Last weekend we got one project finished that we'd but mainly he had been working on so we were working outside all weekend. Come rain or shine which it seemed to do alot of both. Which brings me to these few snaps I took them on my phone so the quality isn't the best but the skies between the rain and the sunsets were lovely. So I just thought I'd share them with you. I quite liked the way the skies and clouds reflected well in the digger mirror with the grey rainy skies and the blue one mixing.

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