Thursday, 3 February 2011

Elephant fabric from Japan

Here's my latest little buy which I wanted to share with you. You will find the link to the shop here called This and that from Japan on Etsy.
My little package turned up from Japan this week a very speedy delivery too. Don't you just love little packages full of nice things and even more so when they come from far away places. I wasn't expecting it til next week. I can now stat on the next lot of special bunting for who elephants were specially requested. Watch this space for the finished product.
It looks quite peachy in this top photo but it's pink.
I will let you know where I've just got some great buttons from too in the next post.


Once Upon a Time in the North said...

Hey you! Love your elephant fabric it is super sweet! My cold is almost over, just as well because I'm trying my hardest to sew zips in my make-up bags. A task that is not my best!

Anna said...

Hiya Grace
Glad you're nearly better :)
it's cute isnt it. wish i'd got more than just a yard of each now.
I'll get your link up next. need to take some piccies of the lovely buttons first.
Hope you get all the zips done, im sure they'll be fine


PuNk rAwK pUrL said...

a peachy pack of pachyderms!
love it!