Monday, 11 April 2011

Red London buses

Getting into the whole British, London, Olympic, Royal wedding vibe at the moment I've got some ideas for a little range I will hopefully get time to work on.
Here's the start with the good 'ole Red London Routemaster Bus, what do you think???

white background or blue??


nicolakillen said...

Lovely! I like the white background best (though like them both). Will look great if you put different coloured adverts along the buses if you know what I mean?! xxx

Anna said...

Thanks Nic, ah yes that would be good. thanks :)
then i reckon the white ones the winner xxx

Jenny said...

Mmmm yes I think I like the white one best too, though I do like the idea of having a little blue on it too - gives it even more of a 'British' feel! x

Anna said...

thanks Jenny. perhaps a union jack on the white panel then, bring the blue in?? xx

Anonymous said...

White background, screen printed onto lovely rough tea-towels... just a thought.