Thursday, 28 January 2010

Funky Florals

What do you think of my wrap designs? I think they may look good on bedding too with some work doing to them. Watch this space for some ideas for that. I did the purple background first then thought they would have more of a contrast on white. Now I like both of them but for different reasons.


Sarah said...

beautiful designs, they would both make lovely fabric for bags and cushions xxx

Anna said...

Ahh Thanks Sarah :)

Alexandra Mason said...

i would love a dress made from the purple background one. xxx

Anna said...

Thank you :) perhaps my textile training wasn't wasted and that what i need to look into. xx

Louise Elizabeth said...

Beautiful - very pretty and colourful!!

Hand knitted Things said...

Hi there, I like both. They'd look great on bedding. Plumy purple has been a very popular colour choice for my knitted items by customers this season.

BTW - I've nominated you for an award on my blog. Take a look at this link if you would like to participate. Regards Julia