Wednesday, 27 January 2010

New Books!!!

I had two new books arrive yesterday from Amazon and haven't had time to look at them properly yet but I thought I'd share a few snaps with you.

This one is by the fabulous Poppy Treffry. I just love the attention to detail in the book. I'm sure it will bring me lots of ideas and inspiration. Find her website here.  You can also follow her on twitter and Facebook.

 The other one is by Kata Golda find her website here and her blog here. Can't wait to have a proper look through it and take inspiration.


Little Brown Rabbit said...

ta very much!

These books look great- I bought the Poppy Treffry one for Em Balk! Loving the other one too- just visited her blog and its lovely.

C u later x

Anna said...

They're fab arent they. see you at lunch :)

ClaraBell said...

OooHHHhh! They look like lovely finds Anna. The felt one looks like it has loads of good ideas, xx

Anna said...

theyre very cute Clare....too many nice books on amazon, have to limit myself to looking or id spend a fortune!
got 2 nice ones for Pan's birthday too, lovely childrens books, want to keep them :(

Alexandra Mason said...

They look to have a look on Amazon now :) xx

craftyjemima said...

Oh I'd love to know what the felt book is like - looks lovely. I have the Poppy Treffry one but haven't had an opportunity to do much with it yet.

Anna said...

To be honest all I've done at the moment is take a look through them not had chance to actually do anything from it. they're all great for inspiration though and to put your own spin on things :)