Monday, 1 March 2010

Springs here - part 2

Ok so I blogged the other week once I saw the pretty snowdrops poking their heads through here are a few more...I've seen the first signs of Daffs too but none out in my neck of the woods just yet. The catkins were out though always loved them.
Amongst the grey skies and pouring rain the sun did appear briefly to make this beautiful rainbow, sadly you never seem to capture them as they appear. It was so big neither I or G could fit it in in one shot so I've quickly joined up two photos. Shame the sky is still so grey though.
The snowdrops are coming up all over the garden now and look stunning amongst the yellow flowers and against the brief blue skies.
In a wander down to the woods I saw these fungi and mosses too. Thought they made great patterns. Don't you just love all the natural patterns mother nature makes. Such bold colours too. The fungi looks like it could be something underwater too.


miawebb said...

Gorgeous gorgeous photos! I especially like the rainbow ones and snowdrops. Fab! x

Anna said...

Thanks hun :) the rainbow was stunning just wish I could have captured quite how it looked. x

GiddyStuff said...

That fungi is amazing, I can already see it translated into enamelling or seed beads - lovely!