Wednesday, 3 March 2010


As most of you know Wowthankyou is launching this Friday, the 5th March. It's a new online shop selling lots of lovely handmade things. It is looking like it will out there to rival the likes of, etsy and folksy and plenty of others that are popping up.

My blue Tara bunting which I made for a friend is on the showcase reel here.Which is exciting!! (it's the 5th slide in) Beth and I have a little shop on there with Bunting and bows, watch this space for more details on that and my next step towards freelance and decisions on my next moves.


Muddy Puddle Crafts said...

Well done & good luck Anna will be interested to know how thing go on there. It was my winter project to get a folksy shop going but I still haven't got round to it, where does all the time go ?

Anna said...

Ahh thank you...well I've not been on the case really either its my business aprtner Beth whose got us on there. my etsy shop isnt up and running either which i promised myself i'd do. too many other distractions. maybe an easter project??
ive still got to get going with what i want to do on my own.

ill let you know if we get anything from it.

kim channon said...

Hi Anna,

Your blog is great and nice to know there are other makers and designers in St Albans who are going for it! I'm with a group called Sweet Herts Sisterhood and every month we do different crafts. Maybe you could do us a workshop and show us some of your skills sometime? When the work load is not big.
Anyhoo, good luck getting things done!


Anna said...

Hi Kim

ahh thank you :)

Just had a quick look at your blog too. Yes im sure ill be able to fit something in before too long. perhaps try and pop along to one of your get togethers once im mobile.driving test coming up soon. im following your blog too so i can catch up on whats going on. be good to meet you all