Thursday, 29 April 2010


This is the one above I'm giving back out :)

I've been incredibly lucky and been nominated for 3 different awards this week. From 3 very lovely and creative bloggers. The sunshine award which takes me to 2 from the lovely Gabs over at Moobaacluck, the kreative blogger from Jille over at Love to craft, and I love your blog from Jo over at Muddy Puddle Crafts. Please go and check out their blogs as they all paint, make and create lots of lovely things.
Now as they are all different ones I can't go ahead and nominate what would be 34 other blogs with the array of things I'm supposed to do with each one so I'm going to have to go ahead and combine them all.
So I will nominate 7 lovely inspirational blogs using the I love your blog award and I will name 7 things that you didn't know about me.

All you have to do in return of receiving one from me is to mention the rewarder and add a link to their blog.
Name 7 things we didn't know about you.
Then pass it on to 7 lovely bloggers(with their links too).

My 7 things you don't know about me: ( all pretty random may I add)

1 - I cry everytime I watch Saving Private Ryan, the beginning has me in tears even before it's really started.

2 - I've worked on a farm and as a chambermaid.

3 - After ?? years I've finally decided I needed to learn to drive....just waiting for my test now it got cancelled this week. Oh I'm so wishing I learnt when I was 17 now.

4 - I have big feet....size 9.

5 - I met my gorgeous, lovely man through a dating site over a year ago now (not sure if he's happy me telling shhh keep that one secret).

6 - I like corned beef and lemon curd dads fault he'd try anything in a sandwich. Don't knock it 'til you try it it's surprisingly good.

7 - I have one younger sister....Katie.

My 7 bloggers this time are its so hard to pick just 7 no particular order

Thank you for your gorgeous lovely blogs and making them all an inspiring read!! and the same goes for everyone's lovely blogs that i regularly read or just stumble across while blog-hopping.


Anonymous said...

ooooooh. Thanks Buttface! Thats v nice of you!

Anna said...

no problem welshy!! x

jacqueline said...

Oh sweet sweet anna, thank you so much for this wonderful award! And congrats on all the awards you received ~ you deserved it! I really enjoy reading the 7 things about you and when i read No#1 i was like "OMG ME TOO!" hehe All the best with your driving test! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

Anna said...

yours is always a joy to read and look at you're always making beautiful things!!
glad its not just me then with no 1 :)
thank you and have a lovely weekend!! xx

saraeden said...

Thanks for the award hun x