Friday, 30 April 2010

New Owls

Here are the owls that were all finished off last night 3 were commissions and 3 are for the fair next weekend. Weather permitting I'll be taking photos outside with them this weekend.


Steph Littlechild said...

Hi Anna,
I love your owls they are super-cute! Looking forward to seeing them in the.. fabric?? (flesh??) next week at the fair. YOu've been really busy and it's all lovely. Well done. Many thanks for the mention, I must reciprocate now! :) Steph x x

Anna said...

Hi Steph
Yes its been a bit busy here. Not really got much done off my list of new things for the fair though, had a few orders in so can't complain.
Looking forward to seeing you again and to having a proper look at yopur stand this time.
No problem on the mention atall.
Anna xx