Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Ruby Wren

I've just read a lovely blog post by fellow blogger and designer Hayley over at Ruby Wren designs. Ever since I found her a while ago...can't remember if it was her blog or on twitter first I loved the simple and elegant designs she creates. Here's just a few...I've got a thing about birds so I had to show you those and as it's my dads birthday today (Happy Birthday Mr Man) I chose the little piglets :)

The post was about her first year as Ruby Wren designs...congratulations!! and abit about small businesses, worth a read to everyone out there I'd say.
Thank you Hayley for a wee mention too...I wasn't expecting that.


ittybittyandpretty said...

thanks for that link i might just have to have a peek at it later. i have been enjoying making cards and tags lately...something very soothing about puting an idea in your head down on paper.
have a great wednesday!

Anna said...

Thanks Rosey
Hope you have a lovely weds too :)
it certainly is..its satisfying isnt it.seeing an idea evolve into something you can have in your hands.
Hope you're well xx