Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Stitched prints

I'd had some ideas about designing and making some prints with some short little sayings and quotes on and with the fair looming I thought I ought to try and get some made. Here's the start of a few. The process isn't too long I suppose the cutting out of the letters is the most fiddly but I like the look of them when they're finished. It leaves with with a few possibilities either straightforward prints or stitched and embellished prints.
Watch this space for the next one I've started cutting out.

Just need to get some mounts and some frames now.
I'm just hoping this fair on Sunday is the right place to be trying to sell...I've read a couple of bad reviews and it is a vintage fair not a crafty one but we shall see I'm going with an open mind.


bekimarie said...

Good luck!
My first fair didn't go to well but the second one was great.
Will keep everything crossed for you and look forward to hearing how it goes.

Beki xxx

Anna said...

Thanks Beki.
I'll let you all know about it. Just I've not done the research into it my friend has, we shall see if its the right sort of fair or not.

ClaraBell said...

I really, really, really like these xxxx

Anna said...

thanks Clare :) im pleased with them too.xxxx

Anonymous said...

These turned out fantastically - may I ask if the letters are fabric or paper? Also, are your cupcakes the Tilda design? I tried to make some but they didn't look as nice as yours?!

Anna said...

Hi Helen
Thank you.
The letters are paper. All scanned in old fabrics, so they are unique no other paper like this exists.
The cupcakes started as Tilda yes but needed a few tweeks.
Anna x