Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Still a nearly a week left enter the giveaway!!

Don't for get to come and name the range of my little stuffed animals to win one.
....I've got bunnies at the moment but have other animals in progress. All I need is a new name instead of Stuffies... see previous post for details. Roll up roll up you have until the end of monday the 3rd, bank holiday monday here in the UK.

They were out exploring at the weekend....


Moobaacluck said...

oh they are gorgeous! Know you already have a sunshine award but have another on me (still fiddling about doing the links etc) !! xx Gabs

Anna said...

ahhh Thanks Gabs :)
he he ill post the little experiment i was up to today...some cards using these photos. rather pleased with them. didn't know if i was going bonkers but the guys at work like them....well perhaps were all mad hey!!
ive got a couple of others to sort out which ive not posted yet too

Amanda said...

They look like they could be part of a T.V. series for kids - the next 'In the night Garden' or 'Waybuloo'!!!

Oh by the way, well done for being mentioned on Muddy Puddles Crafts Blog! x