Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Owls and bunnies flying and hopping the nest

This was the winning bunnie from the competition for my 'Lil Lovelys so she hopped on down to Kent today.
Then these two owls and a bunnie are on their way to a happy little customer. She wanted a matching personalised wash bag so the owl can have somewhere to sleep...ok so I maybe getting a little carried away now :)
I'm sad to see Oswald go he is one of my favourites...but He's going to a good home!
Meet little Erin and Beth
Then this lovely owl went off up to Scotland last week, a commission from Facebook from the lovely Emma at Wee Tooties I really liked the combination of the gingham and the heavy floral pattern she requested. Good choice!!


GiddyStuff said...

I love Oswald, chocolate and blue is one of my favourite colour combinations.

Miss Sew & So said...

well hi anna- i have just left my sewing machine for some lunch & a bit of a blog trawl and saw you there....we could be sewing soul mates...sewing in diff parts of the country....i am making organic lavender birds and you are packing off owls & rabbitos.....love the fabrics!

melissa :)

Anna said...

ahh thank you ladies. mine to sad to see him go...but he's off to a friends so i can see him sometime.

Hi Melissa...ahh I make lavender birds too...how funny. I shall have a closer look at your lovely goodies later ...at work at the moment.