Thursday, 13 May 2010

Summery photos of the week

Well the sun is shining again today...though the wind is still on the cold side. I have a couple of spring/summery photos.
The first is a field near to where I work. I love to see the rape fields all come out into bloom,they don't do me any favours when it comes to hayfever and I can't sat I particularly like the smell either but the striking yellow across the countryside all makes up for it.

The other is a lovely little elephant at Kings Cross St pancras I saw Tuesday when I went into town for a friends gig. They are part of the Elephant parade exhibition. It's on in London from May til July. Find out more and where to spot them here.
It's for the elephant Family charity organisation which is to help save the endangered Asian elephants.

This lovely one is called's not the best photo but it was rather late so the light was pretty bad. He or she I'm not sure is by the artist Ellen Anderson.
Check out her blog here.
It definately brightened up my late night train journey.


Teasemade said...

Ahh I've not had a chance to spot an elephant yet I am quite jealous! He's a very good one.

Anna said...

Lovely isnt he...wish I had to go looking for the rest :) xx

Ellen Anderson said...

Hi Anna,

Thanks for the lovely photos of Dandi-phant, I really like your owl cards!


Anna said...

No problem Ellen...I loved him he had to be posted...sorry the photos weren't any better though. doesn't do him justice really x