Monday, 10 May 2010


I've been rather quiet online the last few weeks (a few sporadic picture posts but not alot of chat) sorry about that. I've neglected my lovely twittery friends too :(

It's all just a bit crazy at the moment I've got 6 1/2 weeks left at IG then I'm into the big bad world of freelance :) which I'm trying not to think too hard about or I'll worry myself. I am really excited and scared at the same time but there is still so much to do and organize I don't know which way to look or what to do first at the moment. Just hoping it doesn't come around too quickly so I have everything done I possibly can. It will be a great opportunity to give it ago on my own. I have a couple of things in the pipeline but I'm still waiting for details at the moment until I get them down on paper I won't feel happy.

I'm getting orders done too, oh and the fair went well this weekend so I was very pleased about that. The new owl cards went down a treat too. So I'm working away today on some new designs to finish off the little range it may turn into a set of 6 or 8. I will keep you posted.

I'm still trying to get to my Etsy shop and get that up and running but It's just not happening at the moment, I am just struggling for time to get it how I want and to write all the blurb, all you lovely Etsy people out there will know where I am coming from all the listing just takes so long. My facebook shopfront is still proving to be a pain I think I must just take massive photos or something it won't let me upload anything so I must look into that again tonight if possible.

 I have also been talking to a new lovely online handmade shop that is in the process of building its artist/maker base so watch this space I could be selling with them very soon. Again I will let you know who it is once things are all sorted.

Thank you all for following me and taking the time to read and comment on my blog it really does make a difference. It's great to have other lovely people to bounce ideas off of.


Amanda said...


Don't be so hard on yourself! you'll be fine :-)

Good luck with it all, sorry I couldn't make the fair yesterday, but it's great to hear that it went well.

All the best

A x

Scented Sweetpeas said...

Good luck with it all, you will get there don't worry, slow and steady wins the race :-) Re piccies if you go into your photos on your pc you can usually lower the resolution (image size) which may help upload quicker.

Anna said...

Thanks Amanda...ahh no worries about the fair :)
I'm sure we'll meet up at some point soon.

ah ha i'll look at that not sure it's the same on a mac but i'm sure i'll find it :) thanks for that. Thank you for your kind words too, I'll get there it just seems like so much to do at the moment.